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Autumn Swing Challenge 2018 - WSDC event

November 9-11, 2018

Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
Miguel Ortega & Irina Puzanova
Damien & Amandine Favier

Workshops. WSDC Comps. Best party.

Join the greatest Hungarian west coast swing party of autumn 2018.

Maximum 220 attendants, gender balanced event. Don't miss this chance!



Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake

Kyle and Sarah are ranked among the top west coast swing couples. They represent the highest level of west coast swing champions, they are 5 time NASDE champions, hold 11 US Open titles and are 8 time Grand National champions. They have performed 24 West Coast Swing Routines all over the world and are constantly driving to evolve style while strengthening technique.

Kyle and Sarah are not only outstanding competitors, but also top teachers with great knowledge, wide experience and a lot of successful champion students. They are best known for their ability to teach their innovative style while preserving the fundamental roots of west coast swing. As a partnership, they have been teaching, competing, performing, judging and choreographing all over the world for 12 years. Now they are available for you in Budapest.

Miguel Ortega & Irina Puzanova

Miguel discovers that he can keep a rhythm with his feet in 2006. After learning ballroom dancing, he felt in love with social latin dances. He joins an amateur troupe, that helped him grow by participating in several international events. He ends up falling completely ill of the WCS virus. The musicality, creativity, and specially the social focus of this dance has kept him hooked ever since. Always looking for a new challenge, he reaches the All-Start J&J category and partners up with Emeline Rochefeuille for a Classic Routine (4th place French Open 2016) and Angélique Pernotte (1st place French Open 2018). He now travels whenever he can to judge, teach and of course continue learning all over the world.

Irina is a phenomenon. She is a passionate and versatile dance teacher running her own dance school. She began taking a serious interest in West Coast Swing in 2010, learned from the best and became a very successful competitor. She is the first dancer in Russia to reach the All-Star division and the first one to have Champion points. When teaching she’s demanding and encouraging just in the right proportion. Nowadays Irina travels all around the world teaching, competing, judging and most importantly, social dancing.


Damien Favier & Amandine Favier

Dancers since they are children, Amandine and Damien fell in love with West Coast Swing in 2009 when they discovered this dance. They quickly became passionate about this new style, so they decided to stop all other dances in order to dedicate their time to West Coast Swing. They attended a lot of national and internationals competitions, in which they placed and won in different divisions: Jack and Jill, Strictly and Showcase. Meanwhile they understood the values of this dance and they wanted to share their passion with other dancers, so they started to teach West Coast Swing together in France and all over Europe.

Workshop levels

Level 2
You have learned west coast swing basics, but you still need to improve your technique. You want to learn more footwork and pattern variations. You need detailed explanation for leading or following new movements. You need ideas for styling and musical interpretation.

Minimum 6-12 months of active west coast swing.
Level 3
You have rock-solid west coast swing basics, you know a lot of footwork variations and complex patterns, you lead/follow well. You are able to social dance with dancers from any level. You want to improve your own style, master your technique and understand the mechanics of the dance.

Minimum 1.5-2 years of active west coast swing.
Level 4 (WSDC Intermediate+)
You are an advanced dancer, with international event and competition experiences. You have no problem to lead/follow, you can adapt your dance to your partner from newcomer to rockstar level. You are taking workshops to learn advanced styling, musical interpretation, technic and your goal is to develop your own style.

The level is available for dancers with WSDC intermediate points and above or via auditions.
Baby pass: 3 days of inspiration for newcomer dancers
Autumn Swing Challenge provides a taste of international events for future west coast swing dancers, who started taking lessons recently.
This level is for newcomer dancers, who started west coast swing in the last 2-4 months.

Workshops on this level:
2 lessons with international pros
2 lessons with hungarian pros

Workshop level descriptions are approximate and the given time intervals are estimations. Every individual needs different amount of time to achieve a certain level, which depends on his/her dancing background, dedication, etc. We want everybody to join the level which suits them the best, from which they can profit the most. If you are unsure about your level, please ask your teachers or consult with us via email.

Kyle&Sarah masterclass

This year Autumn Swing Challenge offers an extra modul containing two optional thematic classes with Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake. Kyle & Sarah are masters of Jack and Jill, who compete and succeed every week at the highest level. These classes focus on the creative basics, partnership and presentation. The two classes require solid basics, therefore they are recommended on level 3 and 4.

Kyle&Sarah masterclass price: 40 EUR


Late bird prices

Workshop pass
135 EUR
1 workshop level
  • 7 workshops
  • 3 parties
  • Competitions
Weekend pass
95 EUR
Party & comps
  • No workshops
  • 3 parties
  • Competitions
Baby pass
25 EUR
Newcomer track, parties
  • 4 beginner classes
  • 3 parties
  • Watch competitions

Competition prices: JnJ 10EUR / competitor, Strictly: 20EUR / couple

Late bird prices are 95 EUR / weekend pass and 135 EUR / workshop pass. Late bird prices are applied after October 10th 2018.

Allstars deal: allstars dancers get a free pass for ASC 2018.

Thursday preparty entry fee is 1.500HUF (~5EUR)

Party entrance fees: Friday, Saturday - 35 EUR , Sunday - 25 EUR.

Hotel City Inn
4 Star hotel, 2 minute walk from the venue. A double room is about 50 EUR/night.
Hotel City Inn website
Hotel Leonardo
3 Star hotel, 3 minute walk from the event venue. A double room is about 40 EUR/night.
Hotel Leonardo website
Hotel Thomas
3 Star hotel, 2 minute walk from the venue. A double room is about 30 EUR/night.
Hotel Thomas honlap" target="_blank">Hotel Thomas website
Corvin Lux Aparthotel
Quality apartmens, 3 minute walk from the event venue. They have different kind of appartments for 40-80 EUR/night, for 2-4 people.
Corvin Lux Aparthotel website


Attention! Workshop and weekend passes are sold out, we can only accept baby pass registrations. Please register with a partner.
Do you have any questions?

Event promoter: Zsigmond Máriás
Phone: +36303895535

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