Autumn Swing Challenge
2024 - WSDC event
8-10 November 2024
Paul Warden & Coleen Man Daniel Pavlov & Irina Puzanova Igor Pitangui & Alexia Maire Joao Parada & Savana Barreau
Join the greatest Hungarian west coast swing party of autumn 2024. Maximum 320 attendants, gender balanced event.
Our staff
West coast swing professionals, who will make your weekend unforgettable!
Paul Warden & Coleen Man

Daniel Pavlov & Irina Puzanova

Joao Parada & Savana Barreau

Igor Pitangui & Alexia Maire

Piotr 'Badman' Lenart

Head DJ
Kevin Town

Verdi Budapest Aquincum
Same hotel, new name
The Verdi Budapest Aquincum (Formerly: Aquincum Hotel Budapest) located in a charming area alongside the River Danube, adjacent to Margaret Island, on the Buda side. The hotel offers an excellent base for exploring Budapest but more importantly has a very nice ballroom with wooden floor and multiple other rooms where workshops and private classes can be held. Altogether it is the perfect place for hosting a west coast swing event.
The main feature of our glorious hotel is the renowned thermal spa, that's therapeutic water comes directly from Margaret Island. With its 310 guestrooms, a restaurant and bar, 14 versatile meeting rooms and Spa & Wellness Center, the hotel caters for both business and leisure guests alike.
Rooms can be booked at the hotel from Wednesday at the earliest until Monday at the latest at the rate provided by the event. Half board means that the hotel will provide dinner in addition to breakfast.
Address: Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 94, 1036
Room for 2 people (with breakfast)
124 €/night
Room for 1 person (with breakfast)
109 €/night
Workshop levels
Workshop level descriptions are approximate, and the given time intervals are estimations. Every individual needs a different amount of time to achieve a certain level, which depends on their dancing background, dedication, motivation, etc. We want everybody to join the group which suits them the best, from which they can profit the most. If you are unsure about your level, please ask your teachers or consult with us via email.
Level 2
You have learned the basics of West Coast Swing, but you still need to improve your technique. You want to learn more footwork and pattern variations. You need detailed explanations for leading or following new movements. You need ideas for styling and musical interpretation.
If you compete, you enter the Newcomer division or have just started to enter the Novice division, typically after a minimum of 6 months, usually 12-24 months, of active West Coast Swing practice.
Level 3
You have rock-solid West Coast Swing basics, know a lot of footwork variations and complex patterns, and lead/follow well. You are able to social dance with dancers of any level. You want to improve your own style, master your technique, and understand the mechanics of the dance.
If you compete, you enter the Novice division with a good chance of reaching the finals (usually making at least the semifinals). You have a minimum of 1.5 years, typically 2-4 years, of active West Coast Swing experience.
Level 4
You are an advanced dancer, with international event and competition experiences. You have no problem to lead/follow, you can adapt your dance to your partner from newcomer to rockstar level. You are taking workshops to learn advanced styling, musical interpretation, technic and your goal is to develop your own style.
The level is available for dancers with WSDC intermediate points and above or via pro teacher decision.
Advanced-Allstar, Allstar
We offer a few dedicated classes for higher levels. As the name suggests, you may enter these classes if you are at the respective levels according to your WSDC points.
Extra tracks
It has become a tradition at the Autumn Swing Challenge to offer extra thematic lessons in addition to the regular workshops. These special sessions are designed for those who want to make the most progress and gather as much information as possible over the weekend. In past years, we have covered topics such as Musicality, Judging Training, Classic Swing Style, Footwork, Spins & Turns, and many others. Some of these sessions are for couples, while others focus on solo skill development.
This year's extra tracks will be announced in the future, and you will be able to register for them separately.
Introducing the Classic Choreography Division at Autumn Swing Challenge 2024!
This year, we're excited to offer this new division, open to all competitors. Everyone will compete in a single division to showcase their best routines.
Why are we doing this?
We want to encourage our community and dancers to prepare and participate.
Creating and performing a choreography is a fantastic way to elevate your dancing skills to the next level. Watching great choreography will inspire the next generation of dancers.
Plus, there's a cash prize! The top 3 placements will win 1000, 500, and 300 euros, respectively.
Get ready, get creative, and let's make this a memorable event!
Passes and prices
Prices stand for Quick Bird / Normal Bird / Late Bird respectively.
Workshop pass
Learn, compete and social dance!
150 / 165 / 180€
  • 6 levelled workshops
  • 3 parties
  • Competitions
40 Quick Bird, 80 Normal Bird and 40 Late Bird Workshop Pass tickets are available until sold out.
We accept couple registrations only.
Party Pass
Compete and social dance
110 / 120 / 130
  • No workshops
  • 3 parties
  • Competitions
40 Quick Bird, 80 Normal Bird and 40 Late Bird Party Pass tickets are available until sold out.
We accept couple registrations only.
Allstar pass
Get the show on, get paid
  • Adv&Allstar workshops
  • 5 leader and 5 follower passes
  • 50% room discount
If you register for this pass, you are expected to help with judging during the event.
We accept individual registrations for Allstar Pass.
Once it's sold out, you have to register for the normal passes (without room discount).
J&J competitions
15€ / competitor
Strictly competitions
30€ / couple
Classic choreo
40€ / couple
Competition registration and payment is handled separately on site.
Quick bird: first 80 (40+40) registrations until 15th of August or until sold out
Normal bird: the next 160 (80+80) registrations until 15th of September or until sold out
Late bird: the next 80 (40+40) tickets after the 15th of September until 4th of November or until sold out
WSDC Allstar level dancers get a special discounted price for passes. The Allstar discount is 50% off the initial party / workshop pass prices: 55 / 75 eur. If you reach the Allstar division before the event, we will reimburse you the difference.
High level schedule
This is our preliminary, high-level schedule, which is subject to change. However, we will try to adhere to the timeframe of the main blocks. The goal of publishing this schedule is to help attendees plan their trip to the event.
22.00-2.00 - Preparty
12.00-14.00 Registration 14.00-20.00 Workshops 20.00-23.30 Strictly prelims & finals 23.30- Social dance, Teachers show
10.00-15.00 Workshops 15.00-20.00 JnJ prelims 20.00-23.30 JnJ Finals 23.30- Social dance, Teachers show
10.00-18.00 Workshops 21.00- Social dance
Registration starts on Friday, 12th of July 2024, at 6 PM CEST.
One member of the couple has to register the couple via a Google Form providing all info for both of them. Forms will be accessible from the website.
For the registration you will need the following data for both dancers:
First name, Last name, Country of residence, Email address, WSDC level, WSDC number + Workshop level (in registering for workshop pass)
WSDC level: select newcomer / novice, whichever you are going to enter if you don't have points yet.
WSDC number: you can leave it blank if you don't have one yet.
If you won a pass somewhere, you will be able to provide that data in the comment.
Party Pass / Normal Bird
Normal Bird Party Pass registration for couples. The form will be closed after 40 couples have registered. You must complete the payment to finalize the registration.
Workshop Pass / Late Bird
Late Bird Workshop Pass registration for couples. Partners can register for different levels. The form will be closed after 20 couples have registered. You must complete the payment to finalize the registration.

Allstars Pass
Individual registration for 10 WSDC Allstar dancers. The form will automatically close after 5 leaders and 5 followers have registered. Certain rules apply; details can be found in the form description.
WAITING LIST - Single leader / follower
Individual signup for single Leaders and Followers to go on the Waiting List. This does not ensure your spot at ASC2024! We will partner up solo leaders and followers on a first-come, first-served basis.
Last year we managed to partner up 92% of our waiting list, so we encourage you to apply!