Autumn Swing Challenge
2022 - WSDC event
Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake Miguel Ortega & Irina Puzanova Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elizarova Inga Kurciša Ludovic Pelegrin
Join the greatest Hungarian west coast swing party of autumn 2022. Maximum 280 attendants, gender balanced event. Don't miss this chance!
Our staff
West coast swing professionals, who will make your weekend unforgettable!
Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
Kyle and Sarah need no introduction; you already know them. They represent the highest level of west coast swing champions. They are 5-time NASDE champions, hold 11 US Open titles, and are 8-time Grand National champions. Kyle and Sarah are not only outstanding competitors but also top teachers with excellent knowledge, broad experience, and many successful champion students.
Miguel Ortega & Irina Puzanova
Miguel, the great social dancer and competitor from France collaborates with our beloved friend, Irina, the dance phenomenon from St. Petersburg. They attended our event several times as teachers and performers, always with great success. You can expect exciting and challenging lessons and social dancing till dawn from them.
Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elizarova
Semion and Maria were the first Russians to ever get to US Open Classic finals in 2016, 2017, 2019. They also got the second place at The Open Classic finals in 2018. Their partnership emphasizes technique, musicality and connection. They love the possibilities for communication and dialogue between partners during every dance, and seek to help their students discover this incredibly fun aspect of WCS.
Inga Kurciša
Inga has been dancing all sorts of dances since a very young age. She picked up west coast swing in her 20s. After a few years of teaching West Coast Swing, Inga realized she wanted to dedicate her life to dancing and started education related to dancing - hip-hop, classical, Latvian folk, contemporary, and jazz. She has taught west coast swing and Latvian folk dances ever since. What can you expect from her? Freedom.
Ludovic Pelegrin
Ludovic has taken his first dancing steps at 10 years old, when he first learned rock’n’roll. His attraction into Swing dancing enabled him to discover West Coast Swing in 2010. Driven by the desire to share his passion and helping others to discover and learn it, he started to teach WCS in 2011. Thanks to his knowledge and skills in a variety of dances, he is known for his amazing musical knowledge, his structured and concise teaching and his great generosity.
Piotr 'Badman' Lenart
Everyone knows and loves Piotr, Poland's coolest west coast swing fellow. He is a great dancer, community leader, and personality who is coming back for the third time to be the official MC of our event. You can be sure you will have an excellent time with Piotr holding the mic.