Autumn Swing Challenge
2023 - WSDC event
Olivier Massart & Virginie Massart Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elizarova Browly Adjavon & Inga Kurciša Byron Brunerie & Melodie Paletta
Join the greatest Hungarian west coast swing party of autumn 2023. Maximum 280 attendants, gender balanced event. We are SOLD OUT!
Our staff
West coast swing professionals, who will make your weekend unforgettable!
Olivier Massart &. Virginie Massart

Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elizarova

Piotr 'Badman' Lenart

BeING - Browly Adjavon & Inga Kurcisa

Byron Brunerie & Melodie Paletta

... and more to come
The Aquincum Hotel Budapest
The Aquincum Hotel Budapest located in a charming area alongside the River Danube, adjacent to Margaret Island, on the Buda side. The hotel offers an excellent base for exploring Budaprest but more importantly has a very nice ballroom with wooden floor and multiple other rooms where workshops and private classes can be held. Altogether it is the perfect place for hosting a west coast swing event.
The main feature of our glorious hotel is the renowned thermal spa, that's therapeutic water comes directly from Margaret Island. With its 310 guestrooms, a restaurant and bar, 14 versatile meeting rooms and Spa & Wellness Center, the hotel caters for both business and leisure guests alike.
Rooms can be booked at the hotel from Wednesday at the earliest until Monday at the latest at the rate provided by the event. Half board means that the hotel will provide dinner in addition to breakfast.
Address: Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 94, 1036